About the Chef

Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson’s love for the culinary life began when he was just eight years old. Rising from bed in the late hours of the night, the desire to cook drove him to create around the clock.

Late night culinary adventures were just the precursor to Chef Gator’s culinary accomplishments. Through his innovative and unique flavor profiles, Chef Gator built a cult following throughout the Bay Area, learning under renowned Chef Paul Bertolli at Oliveto, and then making his own name as chef-owner at Alcatraces in Noe Valley. Alcatraces distinguished itself from San Francisco’s bustling restaurant scene with its distinctive California-Cajun menu and festive mardi-gras atmosphere that resonated with Southern charm.  As the mouthwatering Creole/Mexican Fusions, classic Italian menus and Southern inspirations propelled Chef Gator’s career into the limelight the chef realized that his life needed a dramatic redirection. Though his career had gained spectacular momentum his health had been suffering simultaneously and so Chef Gator set out to not only clean up his health but the cuisine that had ignited his passion.

Setting out to create the highest quality menu of consciously selected ingredients, Chef Gator has set out to reconstruct the hamburger, a staple to American fare, without the unnecessary impurities. The Gator Burger is made with the best, 100% grass-fed Yellowstone Beef which prides itself on being as ecologically and culturally sustainable as it is healthy and flavorful.

The reinvention of this American classic has brought on a new wave of culinary creativity for Chef Gator that will come to the public through Gator’s Rustic Burgers, a Sonoma County based food truck debuting in January 2017. Come take a seat at Chef Gator’s table to experience why the best bite is the Gator bite.